Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Long Game.

This cvoolbert:

Consider this graphic very apropos within the context of a prior blog entry.

Thanks to the outstanding Internet blog of Commander Salamander.

"Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part LXXXVI"

Click on image to see a larger view. Chinese naval "platforms" versus allied naval "platforms" as estimated by the year 2025. Allies to include the USA, Japan, Australia and Republic of Korea [ROK]. "Platforms" as in the vicinity of the western Pacific during a time of PEACE. Allied forces during a time of crisis obviously their reinforcement to be MARKED. Platforms [Chinese and allied both] to include: 1, Satellites with a military or quasi-military capability. 2. Fighter planes. 3. Multi-engine jet bombers. 4. Naval patrol aircraft. 5. Aircraft carriers. 5. Amphibious landing warships. 6. Conventional surface warships. 7. Submarines. 8. Ballistic missiles of the long/medium/short range variety. The aggregate quite impressive. War-making naval stuff soup to nuts.

Once more naval assets the western Pacific during a time of peace! Imagine that one aircraft carrier [USA] that scant number to be increased quickly by at least four additional carriers during a time of crisis. Amphibious landing warships [USA] their mission sea control and carrying F-35B warplanes more aerial assets with significant capacity. Graphic not including tanker aircraft with the USA possessing an overwhelming number of such warplanes to be deployed forward if and when needed. China their resources in this vital category slim. 

As to the quality versus quantity issue consider:

"QUANTITY has a QUALITY all of it's own". - - J.Stalin.


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