Saturday, October 24, 2020


This is coolbert:

As was foreseen in 1994 now is coming to fruition? Naval base Palau Islands. 

From the Russian media outlet RT.

"New American military base in Pacific would show how US-China cold war is heating up fast"

"The tiny state of Palau has invited the US to build a military base on its territory. It’s a sign of how the Pacific is becoming strategically vital as countries choose to align with either Washington or Beijing."

"Few people in the west are likely to have heard of a nation called Palau, an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean. Located close to Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, it boasts a population of only 17,000 people, less than the average small town."

Palau only becoming an independent nation in 1994. Prior to that a Trust Territory under the control and jurisdiction of the USA.

"Palau finally becoming a sovereign state in 1994."

COFA agreement by which Palau attaining independence containing stipulations as regarding USA military bases in the nation-state:

"Under the terms of the COFA [Compact of Free Association], the US provides a package of financial assistance which is administered via the Office of Insular Affairs, and assumes responsibility for national defence and security, in return for the exclusive freedom to operate and base American armed forces across the COFA territory."

Can YOU point to Palau on the map? ASK yourself!


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