Saturday, July 18, 2020

Arsenal II.

This is coolbert:


Consider within context of the recent previous blog entry see my various prior posts Dreadnought 2018 here, here, and here.

Like I said before there was Bert there was Dr. Farley.

The modern battleship as envisioned by yours truly a refurbished and retrofitted merchant vessel of massive size on the order of a container ship.

Equipped with modern off-the-shelf armaments to include:

* Archer gun system. * HIMARS. * Missiles. * Torpedoes.

Also including the CIWS Phalanx [close-in-weapon system]. A dozen units. See also this previous blog entry consideration given to the incorporation of the CIWS to Dreadnought 2018.

Archer for ship-to-ship engagements and shore bombardment. HIMARS also for shore bombardment. Missiles as fired from VLS [vertical launch system] a tactically tailored mix of anti-ship, surface-air-defense, land attack missiles. An ARSENAL SHIP additionally using drones armored in critical areas, redundant systems and with an organic capability for VTOL warplanes. Torpedoes of the surface launch variety. Sensors and command  systems as might be found on a modern Zumwalt class destroyer. Interior of the warship consisting of a lattice-work of welded and sealed shut shipping containers for buoyancy.

A capacity also [?] for the employment of naval sea mines might be an interesting featureofthe arsenal ship. Can be used both as offensive and defensive weapons.

But, as I have said before, will it fly?


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