Thursday, July 16, 2020

LHD 6.

This is coolbert:

Hot work?? Fire extinguished finally!

Ship now a wreck? Not salvage-able?? That remains to be seen. 

"Fire aboard Navy's USS Bonhomme Richard extinguished after 4 days, cause still unknown"

"A fire that erupted over the weekend on a military ship that was officially extinguished on Thursday, with the cause of the days-long blaze still unknown, according to the Navy. All known fires on the USS Bonhomme Richard have been put out, four days after the flames first erupted on Sunday"

See previous blog entries the topic "hot work":

Lots [?] of combustibles on those steel ships. AVGAS, hydraulic fluids, wire insulation, etc.

Incineration of certain materials too resulting in the release of toxic gases.

Ship gone now? We shall see.


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