Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A. J. Venter.

This is coolbert:

All these You Tube video I recommend highly without reservation or qualification.

Thanks in all cases to You Tube, various producers and Al J. Venter.

Al J. Venter a distinguished war correspondent particularly his coverage of African wars to include those of the apartheid era.

"Al J. Venter is a South African war journalist, documentary filmmaker, and author of more than forty books who also served as an Africa and Middle East correspondent for Jane's International Defence Review."

1. "War in the Mountains Part 1".

2. "War in the Mountains Part 2".

3. "Caprivi - Finger into Africa".

4. "Into Angola - AL J Venter (1981-82)".

Mortal combat Southwest Africa [now Namibia] between the South Africa Defense Forces [SADF] and the insurgents of SWAPO [Southwest Africa Peoples Organization].

Again, all video well done. A MUST view for all devoted readers to the blog.


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