Monday, April 6, 2020

Port Arthur.

This is coolbert:

Not so much Tsushima but rather Port Arthur.

Tsushima well known but Port Arthur much less so. Consider the use of naval sea mines as an offensive weapon. Bottle up your enemy making their Courses-of-Action [CoA] much reduced and constrained. Without Port Arthur there would have never been a Tsushima?

Thanks for the video courtesy Kings and Generals and You tube.

Japanese just one step ahead of the Russian at all times. Russians also maladroit. Japan a parnevu nation now a player on the world stage as a result of Tsushima but also Port Arthur.

See previous blog entries the efficacy of naval sea mines the topic:

Admiral Togo the hero of Tsushima and acknowledged as such. Count Nogi the land commander of Japanese forces at Port Arthur lesser known but hardly less significant. Read the wiki entry for Nogi with special attention to his suicide the same day as the funereal of the Meiji Emperor. Atonement and reverence in the Japanese manner almost incomprehensible to the Westerner.


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