Monday, April 20, 2020


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Indiana Jones and the Palace of Sennacherib? Unfortunately no! The Islamic State and Palace of Sennacherib. And all for the worst!

From the British media outlet Express and the article by Brian McGleenon

"Archaeologists find treasure trove of Assyrian kings discovered in ISIS excavated tunnels"

"ISIS fighters discovered an ancient Assyrian palace under the ruins of Mosul, but unfortunately, they looted and sold off the tantalizing treasures they discovered."

"The previously unknown palace of the Assyrian kings was discovered when the terrorist group blew up the tomb of the prophet Jonah for ideological reasons. Archaeologists spent two months exploring the tunnels dug by ISIS under the destroyed tomb. The tunnels were found to lead to the military palace founded by the Assyrian King Sennacherib in the 7th century BC."

The destruction of the Tomb of Jonah, 2014. Jonah a Prophet as mentioned in the Holy Bible. This was a Sunni mosque but for some reason as not explained the Islamic State deemed it worthy of being blown up. Enormous explosion with a swarm of persons climbing over the ruins in the aftermath of the blast. That "long-lost" palace of Sennacherib uncovered during further tunneling by Islamic State [ISIL] diggers finding treasure subsequently looted and sold on the international black market.

That Tomb of Jonah built over the ruins of the palace of Sennacherib the great King of the Assyrians. An immense [?] treasure of artifacts of antiquity stolen and sold to unscrupulous collectors. Archeologists working over the remains of the remains finding items of value but precious little of what was a discovery of potential great value. Now gone!

Any devoted reader to the blog having an idea as to why the Tomb of Jonah a target of demolition by the Islamic State? That tomb a place of worship for Sunni Muslims and not Shia.


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