Wednesday, November 20, 2019


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The paranormal experience with the military dimension!

Described as: "A matter of human record." Or is it?

"The Haunted U-Boat"

From an episode of the made-for-television psychic phenomenon series "One Step Beyond."

"While on patrol [1945] during WWII, a German U-boat [U-147] attempts to evade detection from the sonar of the American and British ships. But their location is repeatedly betrayed by the noise of a rhythmic banging sound caused by someone . . . or something . . . on board the submarine."

How well I remember this television series and this particular episode. I was only twelve years old at the time but it did make an impression. I recommend highly without qualification or reservation.

Now for the rest of the story:

From the Internet web site  [U-147] "Sunk on 2 June 1941 in the North Atlantic north-west of Ireland, in position 56.38N, 10.24W, by depth charges from the British destroyer HMS Wanderer and the British corvette HMS Periwinkle. 26 dead (all hands lost)."

The television episode "Haunted U-Boat" as set in the year 1945, the very end of the war in Europe. So there you have it. A matter of human record?


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