Saturday, July 13, 2019


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South China Sea. Updates. EEZ = Economic Exclusion Zone.

Filipino and Chinese interests and territorial sovereignty claims clash.

From the latest edition of the Wall Street Journal and the article by Jake Maxwell Watts.

"Sea Collision Tests Philippine Ties to Beijing"

"The alleged sinking of a Philippine fishing boat by a Chinese vessel has emerged as the biggest test yet of President Rodrigo Duterte's pivot to China, as his decision not to push Beijing over the incident prompts condemnation from critics who say he is selling out his country's sovereignty for economic gain."

Territorial flash points: [recent incidents maritime incidents South China Sea]

* Sandy Cay November 2017.
* Fiery Cross and Mischief Reef April 2018.
* Scarborough Shoal March 2019.
* Thitu Island April 2019.
* Reed Bank June 2019.

Duterte has chosen a policy in the South China Sea of go-it-alone. No aid or assistance of a bilateral nature with the Americans.

Hope go-it-alone goes well. You have to ask if it has.


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