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I recommend highly without reservation or qualification these You Tube video and thanks to You Tube.

French Foreign Legion [FFL] combat training courses. Obstacle courses. Desert and jungle.

1. CECAP.  The Combat Training Center at Arta Beach (CECAP), or Centre d'entraînement au combat d'Arta Plage, is a French Army training facility located in Arta, Djibouti.

Obstacle course. "It is by 50 ° C. [122 F.] in the shade and 80 per cent humidity"

This course looks very dangerous. Each man wears a harness attached to a safety line. Nonetheless, one wrong move and you could be gone.

A water obstacle course. And must be completed as a team. A single man could not get through the course by himself.

A land obstacle course that also must be completed as a team. Team building and physical fitness combined

2. CEFE. The Jungle Training Center (CEFE), or Centre d'entraînement à la forêt équatoriale, is a French Army jungle warfare school located in French Guiana.

Jungle course. Both individual and team building obstacles must be overcome. Lots of water. I especially like the event where the troop has to swing rope-to-rope Tarzan like. It is reputed the record time for completing the course is 45 minutes. It is also reputed that a unit of U.S. Marines took seven hours to complete the same course. One woman present in the video completing the course along with the men!

Such obstacle courses function as a filter mechanism. The soldier without a whole lot of motivation and "try" will fail these type of courses. Officers are able to separate the enlisted into two groups. Those that "can" and those that "cannot".

French Foreign Legion [FFL] troops the selection process meticulous. Only the best prospects are selected for enlistment. An elite force undergoing the most arduous training. As you can see for yourself.



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