Friday, April 19, 2013


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As originally from a number of months ago thanks to the English Guardian:

"US intelligence teams to track wildlife poachers in Africa and Asia"

Presumably these are teams subordinate to the American military AFRICOM?

Poaching of elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns by heavily armed gangs now on the radar screen as an international security threat?

That level of poaching having accelerated and become much more organized, villains ON HORSEBACK ARMED WITH AK AND RPG SLAUGHTERING ELEPHANTS for a valuable commodity, the tusks.

"It is one thing to be worried about the traditional poachers who come in and kill and take a few animals, a few tusks, a few horns, or other animal parts,"

"It's something else when you've got helicopters, night vision goggles, automatic weapons, which pose a threat to human life as well as wildlife."

"Poachers were crossing national borders at will, stoking concerns among US security officials that the conduits used by the traffickers in Asia and Africa to get their goods to market could also be used to smuggle drugs or arms for terrorist organisations."

Correct! A level of sophistication greatly endangering entire herds of elephants, the species to become extinct or close to being so if measures of a military nature not taken! AND perceived as a threat to international security, money as obtained from the sale of tusks used to foment violence and rebellion of an unseemly nature.

And from just recently as posted by DEC at the Jungle Trader:

"Poachers kill at least 89 elephants in Chad"

"Yaoundé, Cameroon - At least 89 elephants were killed by poachers last week in Chad, according to local officials, in one of the region’s worst poaching incidents since the massacre of over 300 elephants in Cameroon’s Bouba N’Djida National Park in February 2012."

 "The poachers, which rode on horseback, numbered around 50 and spoke Arabic, the officials said, adding that the Chadian army had been dispatched to stop these criminals."

These poachers are janjaweed? Totally immoral and criminal thugs from the Sudan infamous for their scorched earth and genocidal activities persons released from prison by the central government in Khartoum, having previously accomplished their dirty deeds in Darfur NOW ranging far and wide on horseback [seems like a throwback to olden times] in search of loot and wealth in the form of elephant tusks?

[it is reputed that it takes about thirty to forty rounds from an AK to bring down an adult elephant!]


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