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From ABC Nightline:

"Simulation: War on the Korean Peninsula"

As was originally ten years ago but just as relevant now as it was then [2003].

American appraisals [as done in 2003] of the Korean situation and how a war may actually begin and progress, heaven forbid the worse as feared DOES actually occur. The NKPA [North Korean Peoples Army] moves south and in a big way!

Most germane those comments of the retired American general officer [General Scott], a commander with experience in the Korean peninsula. One of those persons whose duties actually would have included countering a massive North Korean invasion of the south [Republic of Korea].

"a war the likes of which we haven't seen since World War II, if then."

 "I recommend you prepare for all-out war, because that is what you're probably going to get,"

A war "the likes of which" might very well include the massive use of tactical nuclear weapons. American forces in a desperate circumstance, a North Korean attack succeeding the only alternative being retaliation and the use of "low-level" atomic weaponry if the proper targets can be found and attacked. Such a possibility cannot be precluded. EVEN MORE SO IF THE NKPA INITIATES THE FRAY WITH WMD [WEAPONS OF MASSIVE DESTRUCTION] OF THEIR OWN! WMD AS USED BY THE NKPA TO INCLUDE  CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL MUNITIONS!

Understanding full well that the use of atomics would create the nightmare scenario many South Korean allied troops and civilians killed, large portions of the landscape also rendered uninhabitable.

The ROK [Republic of Korea], United Nations forces and the American 8th Army obviously not standing still and defending itself with all resources available, the capital of Seoul and environs so close to the DMZ [35 miles/50 kilometers] the ROK however not willing to abandon.

Seoul is INDEED the "heart and soul" of the nation even back 1,000 or more years and will  not be surrendered without a fight. 20 million South Koreans in the path of the NKPA steamroller that destruction and capture of the ROK capital city a major objective the symbolism and value of which obvious to the NKPA commanders..

That traditional method of stopping and defeating the blitzkrieg offensive, layered defense, trading space for time and husbanding your forces for an ultimate and war winning counter-offensive for the ROK either very difficult to do or an unacceptable strategy!!

Read that whole article, again, just as pertinent now as it was ten years ago! Just as worrisome now as it was then, if not MORE SO!

This thought having also occurred to me that both the leader of North Korea [Kim] and South Korea [Miss Park] are just newcomers only recently have assumed the leadership of their respective nations. Novices both north and south at the worst possible moment is also not a good omen?

Does even the possibility of any of this even occurring scare you? It ought to!!


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