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USS Chicago.

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"2. USS Chicago. "At least four U.S. Navy ships have been so named: a cruiser commissioned in 1889 . . . a cruiser torpedoed and sank in the Solomons Islands in 1943 . . . and a nuclear-powered attack submarine still in service."

Among those four warships named Chicago:

 1. "The first USS Chicago (later CA-14) was a protected cruiser of the United States Navy, the largest of the original three authorized by Congress for the 'New Navy'."

"She was launched on 5 December 1885 . . . and commissioned on 17 April 1889"

That "New Navy" [American] ocean-going ships able to operate in pelagic [deep] waters, able to project power to all parts of the world. American naval assets in those decades following the end of the American Civil War coastal in nature, monitors and coastal artillery [army] strictly so!

The USS Chicago of that time [1885] best referred to as an "ironclad"? A wooden hulled [this is so in the case of the Chicago?] warship the deck and sides of the ship covered by a protective plate of iron armor. Also the most critical "innards" of the Chicago also protected by iron plate armor.

"The protected cruiser is a type of naval cruiser of the late 19th century, so known because its armoured deck offered protection for vital machine spaces from shrapnel caused by exploding shells above. Protected cruisers were an alternative to the armoured cruisers, which also had a belt of armour along the sides."

The USS Chicago circa 1885. Having steam for power but also masts for "sail" to be used when needed! Guns ONLY half of which of the most largest bore able to engage an enemy at any particular instant as it had been during the time of Nelson.

As taken from the wiki that description the armor configuration of a protected cruiser such as the USS Chicago. "A schematic section of a protected cruiser illustrating the protection scheme. Red lines are the armoured deck and gun shield and grey areas are the protective coal bunkers. Note the deck thickest on the slopes, the upper coal bunker divided longitudinally to allow the outer layer of coal to be maintained while the inner bunker is emptied, and the watertight double-bottom."

2. "USS Chicago (SSN-721) is a Los Angeles-class submarine, the fourth ship of the United States Navy to be named for the city of Chicago, Illinois . . . her keel was laid down on 5 January 1983. She was launched on 13 October 1984 . . . and commissioned on 27 September 1986"

The SSN-721 performing yeoman duty for almost a period of three full decades now there existing at the time of commissioning and launching a small degree of controversy !!

Chicago at the time [1985] and NOW [2013] as well declared by the city council to be a NUCLEAR FREE ZONE.

No nuclear power plants allowed, no nuclear weapons either stored or permitted transit within the city limits and boundaries.

[ONLY sixty miles southwest of downtown Chicago is the MOST nuclear area in the United States. Four operating nuclear power plants and one storage facilities in close proximity within a twenty minute drive of one another. ]

Chicago the city government initially somewhat hesitant to sponsor and provide traditional and conventional amenities to the namesake ship. A "day room" aboard ship with movies, magazines, paperbacks of any and all genre' for the amusement and entertainment of the crew when not on duty. After some hesitation and debate, the city of Chicago however delivering in a commendable manner, as should have been instinctively the case.

As reported from an archived article originally appearing in the Chicago Tribune:

"City Goes Overboard To Ensure Bon Voyage For Namesake Sub"

"Known as the Commissioning Committee on the Submarine Chicago, its 76 members raised about $75,000 cash and a whole passel of donations from local businesses, said chairman Everett Barlow. He said a club is being formed to keep city and sub in touch beyond the commissioning."

"When the USS Chicago is officially commissioned . . . its curtains and table tops will display the Chicago skyline, its walls will feature paintings of Chicago by Chicago artists and its 135 crew members will be presented a duffel bag of Chicago-oriented goodies."

"Crew members and their spouses will receive free Chicago vacation packages next spring, the sub will feature Chicago-donated computers and video games, and its officers will be able to entertain up to 24 people on donated silver, china and crystal place settings--among other booty".

"A committee directing the city`s support for the submarine arranged for its cook to be trained by the city`s culinary elite."

That most current USS Chicago still going strong, YEOMAN duty and performance INDEED!

YEAH Chicago!


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