Friday, March 22, 2013

Agent 15.

This is coolbert:

Regarding the alleged chemical warfare attack as reported having occurred in Syria.

From the DEBKAfile: 

"Agent 15 'choking gas' used lethally in Aleppo"

"20 March. DEBKAfile reports from western military sources that present in the rocket which exploded in the Aleppo neighborhood of Khan al-Assal Tuesday March 19 were phosphorus, chlorine and Agent 15 or BZ. Although the Assad regime and the Syrian rebels charged each other with firing the rocket, which killed 15-31 people and injured more than a hundred, it was not possible to verify which side was responsible. The White House denied it was the rebels, while Moscow backed Damascus by insisting that it was."

NOT able to determine who fired the rocket or missile and this poison [?] gas a mixture of choking agent and BZ ["buzz"]. "BUZZ" more than anything else an incapacitating or hallucinogenic causing disorientation and loss of mental faculties.. "Buzz" NOT necessarily lethal of itself but when used in combination with other chemical agents to include chlorine death may be the result undeniably so.

BZ reputedly ingested by terrorist elements in Iraq just prior to a suicide attack or an assault that of itself was "suicidal" in the sense that the chances of survival were nil! Overcome all natural inhibitions and fear of death. Within the Middle East context alcohol not culturally acceptable - - opiates of some sort normally a substitute and NOW BZ also!


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