Monday, March 4, 2013

Buenos Aires Maru.

This is coolbert:

One again, allied atrocity from the era of the Second World War [WW2]?

Japanese hospital ship clearly marked as such attacked with vigor first by American submarine and then by American bomber aircraft. Sunk with loss of life. Allied atrocity?

The Buenos Aires Maru a Japanese passenger line converted to a hospital ship and according to all accounts clearly marked as such but nonetheless relentlessly attacked and sent to the bottom in violation of all conventions regarding the sanctity of a hospital ship.

That marking of a hospital ship most meticulous, stipulated by convention agreed upon. Markings UNMISTAKABLE!

"Article four of the Hague Convention X of 1907 and the 1929 Geneva Convention treaties stated that hospital ships were to display electrically powered lights to illuminate their red cross signs on the sides of the ship and upon the deck [during hours of darkness sof course]. Hospital ships were to be painted all white with a broad green stripe round the hull and red crosses painted on the sides to make them easily identified by the enemy. Vessels so protected were not to engage in warlike acts and violations can result in the loss of protected status and make the violating vessel a lawful military target."

That time line of the Buenos Aires Maru as a hospital ship to include:

3 October 1942: Arrives at Ujina. October-November 1942: BUENOS AIRES MARU is converted to an IJA hospital ship Byoinsen (A-AH) and assigned IJA ship No. 8976.

21 November 1942: Arrives at Ujina. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs notifies the warring powers that BUENOS AIRES MARU is now a protected hospital ship.

25 April 1943: South China Sea. S of Hong Kong. At 1545, LtCdr (later Rear Admiral) Frank W. Fenno’s (USNA '25) USS RUNNER (SS-275) torpedoes and damages zigzagging BUENOS AIRES MARU at 22-14N, 114-47E. Seven men are wounded and her hull is damaged.

17 August 1943: Bismarck Sea. Attacked by an unknown American aircraft at 01-14S-148-13E, possibly a USAAF B-25.

18 August 1943: Arrives at Rabaul. BUENOS AIRES MARU is photographed painted white with a green stripe around her hull. She carries number 8976 near her bridge and displays large red crosses on the sides of her funnel and hull.

27 November 1943: Steffen Strait between New Hanover and New Ireland, Bismarcks. At about 0830, a B-24 'Liberator' heavy bomber mistakenly bombs hospital ship BUENOS AIRES MARU. The bomb damages the hull and floods the engine room. BUENOS AIRES MARU takes on a list. At 0850, she sinks by the bow off Saint Matthias Island at 02-40S, 149-20E. The survivors take to 16 lifeboats and two motor launches.

As to the submarine attack, the operational patrol report stated that:

"According to RUNNER’s patrol report, BUENOS AIRES MARU was escorted and zigzagging, both in contravention to international law established for hospital ships. Fenno reported the escort dropped at least one DC."

That final and climactic attack the Liberator dropping ordnance from an altitude of 300 feet [100 meters] and then MACHINE GUNNING SURVIVORS THAT HAD TAKEN TO THE LIFEBOATS. So it is alleged. More than a mistake regrettable if the allegations true.


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