Saturday, March 30, 2013

North & South.

This is coolbert:

To war with Kim?

Is everyone paying close attention to events as they are transpiring on the Korean peninsula? You should be!!

See here from the Christian Science Monitor the latest on North Korea [NK] and the very heated and bellicose rhetoric as emanating from same:

"North Korea: What happens if Kim Jong-un acts on his threats?"

"In the event that the 'bellicose rhetoric' of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un turns into something more serious, the opening hours of conflict could be 'pretty ugly,' defense analysts warn."

Those threats to include but not limited to:

* NK ranger/commando/special operations/unconventional warfare units in abundance, prodigious numbers of them.

* Chemical warfare as unleashed by NK forces unlimited and sustained.

* An artillery barrage of mind-boggling proportions, also abundant, prodigious, unlimited and sustained, lethal and catastrophic.

This all in just the first few hours of a conventional war.

We are not even speaking nuclear. And please do not preclude the use of atomics. As to who will be the first to fire off nuclear weaponry I cannot even say.

I have seen estimates that among those 28,000 or so American troops [of all services] currently serving in South Korea [ROK], ABOUT HALF MIGHT BECOME CASUALTIES IN THE FIRST TWENTY-FOUR HOURS!!! All of Iraq and Afghan combined will be seen as a gemutlichkeit [cordiality] as compared to one day in Korea!!

And from the CS Monitor article page 2:

“'But as the ammunition starts to run low, as food is low, with counterattacks, I  [Howard] have my own personal view that they would probably start to disintegrate within the first week,' . . . 'I’m not being flip [flippant] when I say this, but it really depends on how hungry they are.' . . . Analysts suspect that the North Korean military is not particularly well-fed."

Indeed! NOT only not well-fed but generations of young North Koreans growing stunted and physically weak from malnourishment, the North Korean Peoples Army [NKPA] UNABLE to sustain a blitzkrieg offensive in the manner as needed. As it was with the German units of Rommel in 1917 so it will be too with the NKPA units of 2013?

We hope for the best but prepare for the worst! If possible by all means avert war on the Korea peninsula rather than have to fight.

Pray the worst does not come!


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Unknown said...

Normally I don't comment (even though I'm a regular reader) But this is a theme that matters me the most.

I have tons of questions But I think I can ask the most important right now.

Could we be worried that China enters to defend and/or help North Korea like in the previous war?

My guess is that North Korea (NK is talking loud to reinforce his image of a solid nation, both internatlly and internationally, given the fact that they have been under a lot of pressure. And with recent threats they have something with wich they can negotiate.

Hope you keep us informed on the subject. Many thanks and stay safe.

Can we expect a