Friday, March 8, 2013


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From the Chicago Tribune from only the other day:


"Chicago IN NAME ONLY"

Chicago Illinois, USA.

As seen in a recent edition of the National Geographic magazine, Chicago IL USA rated as the SIXTH most important city in the world.

That rating scheme listing by importance # 1 New York City, # 2 London, # 3 Paris, #4 Tokyo, # 5 Hong Kong!

That word and name Chicago having a military dimension most surprising:

1. Port Chicago disaster.

"This little-known incident occurred at Port Chicago, Calif., northeast of San Francisco, during World War II [1945]. A hung explosion at a naval munitions base left more than 320 people dead."

2. USS Chicago.

"At least four U.S. Navy ships have been so named: a cruiser commissioned in 1889 . . . a cruiser torpedoed and sank in the Solomons Islands in 1943 . . . and a nuclear-powered attack submarine still in service."

3. Chicago, the aircraft.

"A fleet of four U.S. Army Air Service planes [one of which was named Chicago] set out westward from Seattle in 1924 with the goal of being the first to circumnavigate the globe . . . Chicago and New Orleans made it all the way around the world in 175 days."

4. Chicago, the Israeli training site.

" Israel's military has built a fake town in the middle of the Negev desert and used it for decades to train for urban combat. The town's code name: 'Chicago.'"


* Chicago during the Second World War [WW2] the city inextricably linked also to the atomic bomb project. A. Chicago [Dodge plant] where the engines for the B-29 bomber were built. B. Mt. Forest the site for the experimental reactors as used by the Manhattan Project. As went Chicago so went the war effort so it seems!

*  That Port Chicago disaster two merchant vessels being loaded with munitions spontaneously and sympathetically exploding, the nearby town of Port Chicago reduced to kindling and NEVER REBUILT!

That location now called the Concord Naval Weapons Depot.

Some conspiracy advocates have suggested probably erroneously so that the explosion was in actuality a surreptitious test of a uranium "gun" type atomic bomb as was detonated at Hiroshima.

This seems not to be the case the soil of the depot not containing [?] those trace elements of radioactivity as would have been the residue of an atomic detonation! Still, the controversy continues.


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