Sunday, December 9, 2012


This is coolbert:

Here is the infantry combat fighting vehicle that will replace the Bradley at least by the end of the decade.

Called the Ground Combat Vehicle [GCV] and a joint English-American venture. Called a "tank" but not really a tank.

"BAE Systems releases details of hybrid tank"

"BAE Systems has released an infographic outlining the features of its hybrid Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV). A joint venture between BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman with other partners, the GCV proposal is part of a US Army competition to replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, which entered service in 1981."

"replace the Bradley within seven years . . . This particular design was created from the ground up and is intended to be upgradable, with a projected service life for the technology of up to 40 years."

A weapons system able to transport troops [squad size] and having organic firepower [some sort of rapid fire cannon]. NO provision made for an organic anti-tank guided-missile [ATGM]?

Improvements over the Bradley to include but not necessarily limited to:

* Hybrid engine.
* Steel armor.
* Carry a squad sized element.
* Designed "from the ground up".

Bradley has lasted a long time [three decades], performed yeoman service and was basically a heavily modified armored personnel carrier [APC] the M113.

That GCV hybrid design a combination of internal combustion engine, a dynamo and a very robust and powerful electric motor.

"The GCV is propelled by an Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) developed by the partnership."

"This kind of powertrains are used in diesel-electric locomotives and mining trucks. The diesel engine works only as a generator, without driving the wheels, and the electric engine drives the wheels directly."

Bradley as I recall was controversial from the start and thought to be inferior to the Soviet analog, the BMP. We can expect a lot of controversy regarding the design of the GCV too? I think so.


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