Sunday, December 30, 2012


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Here with the tale of two submarines.

Within a period about six months, two submarines in dry dock, under-going repairs, restoration, enhancements, having caught fire, major damage occurring.

My thought is that the second incident [American] a copy cat arson?

First from Russia.

1. "Russia submarine fire 'totally extinguished'"

"MURMANSK, Russia | Fri Dec 30, 2011
(Reuters) - Russia said on Friday it had doused a raging blaze aboard a nuclear submarine after nearly a full day and night, by partially submerging the vessel after battling the flames with water from helicopters and tug boats."

"Official statements were vague, but the blaze is believed to have started when wooden scaffolding caught fire during welding repairs to the 167-meter (550 feet) Yekaterinburg submarine, which had been hoisted into a dry dock."

That fire on the Yekaterinburg only finally extinguished by partially submerging the vessel in water. Firefighters facing an almost impossible task the construction of a submarine rendering conventional fire-fighting methods and techniques near useless.

[that welders torch set the wooden structure of the dry dock on fire, heating the steel hull of the ship and setting fire to the underlayment I might assume!]

Second from the United States.

2. "Civilian worker set fire to submarine in Maine so he could leave early, Navy says"

"PORTLAND, Maine –  A civilian employee set a fire that caused $400 million in damage to a nuclear-powered submarine because he had anxiety and wanted to get out of work early"

"Casey James Fury, 24, of Portsmouth, N.H., faces up to life in prison if convicted of two counts of arson in the fire aboard the USS Miami attack submarine while it was in dry dock May 23 and a second blaze outside the sub on June 16".

Life in prison a possible and Mr. Fury has already entered a guilty plea. Restitution is impossible, the man needs to re-pay the government nearly half a BILLION dollars!! The taxpayers will be responsible for the restitution.

Mr. Fury evidently a person with some sort of mental problems and also taking medications but the pharmaceuticals not working to the extent needed, Mr. Fury acting in an aberrant most destructive manner.

Again, fighting these fires on submarine while the ship in dry dock a difficult and most arduous task.

Most surprisingly so, these various naval warships, in particular the submarine, more likely to damaged while in dry dock and under-going repairs, maintenance and refurbishment. Operations at sea less hazardous it seems to the health and well-being of the vessel!!

That American submarine USS Guitarro the most extreme example of a submarine while at dock, having been launched, but sinking even before making the maiden voyage!!


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