Friday, April 29, 2011


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the intelligence newsletter web site Intelligence News we have the latest dope - - updates on the mercenaries currently fighting on the side of the Libyan despot Colonel Ghadaffi. The Colonel using outsiders to forestall the rebellion that imperils his regime - - his own military no longer reliable, many of who have joined the rebels! The use of such mercenaries surely a sign that the Colonel is feeling the heat in a big way.

By reputation from a special source the Intelligence News is reliable and can be counted upon for accurate information! "News" is a competitor of the DEBKAfile, the latter considered by the noted blogger Spengler to be "totally unreliable under all circumstances"!

And to the story:

"Hundreds of European mercenaries ‘fighting for Gaddafi’"

"Hundreds of European mercenaries, including large numbers of European Union citizens, have voluntarily enrolled in the armed forces of the Libyan government, and are fighting under the command of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi . . . up to 500 European soldiers-of-fortune have been hired by the Libyan government to provide 'special services'"

Soldiers of fortune to include almost all [if not exclusively] Europeans AND reputedly: "female snipers from Colombia"!

NOT the types of "mercenaries' as originally employed by the Colonel during the early stages of the rebellion. NOT black Africans [often teenagers] without ANY form or sort of military training whatsoever. This new "crop" of mercenaries evidently highly trained and possibly experienced military men fighting for the top dollar in a dubious cause!!

Against an untrained rabble, a few mercenaries using highly sophisticated and deadly military hardware can do a lot of damage!

Again, the cause these mercenaries fight for is dubious at best - - the attraction being the top dollar [the Colonel has a lot of top dollars to throw around]! The loyalties of such persons is also suspect. The right party or parties throwing MORE top dollars in the right direction and the tables can be turned on the Colonel in the proverbial heartbeat!


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