Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the tip from Don Wade and Roma, WLS talk-radio - - heard this on the way to work this morning.

I guess sooner or later there had to be one.

The female military imposter. The woman fake wannabee war-hero. Fond of telling about the close-calls, the war injury, etc. Elizabeth McKenzie!

Of course an officer, decorated, all the while, telling one helluva whopper! A woman too - - again - - I guess sooner or later there had to be one.

Lots of egg and baloney on the face of Elizabeth McKenzie. Community college student with a lot of explaining to do.

NOT an officer, NOT a MP, NOT in combat, NOT EVER having served in the military period!!

"The 20-year-old McKenzie was never injured in combat, had never been to Afghanistan, never been deployed anywhere. In fact, she's never been in the military."

The wannabee in action, as usual! Read all the gory details at the following links:

"Another Imposter bites the dust"

"Minnessota Town Duped by Phony Soldier"

"MSM being honest"

Elizabeth is suffering from mental problems and will need serious and very strong pharmaceutical help for some time? And hide your face from the rest of us for a long time too.



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