Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the Mirror, from only yesterday, a shooting aboard the British nuclear sub HMS Astute. One dead, one wounded. The ship, while at dock, with dignitaries aboard, a sailor from the Astute going berserk for no apparent reason.

That gunman evidently well prepared, captured after a struggle, but the shooter only over-powered after a death and wounding having occurred.

"HMS Astute: Crazed serviceman shoots crew mate dead and leaves another seriously hurt in attack on board nuclear sub"

"KITTED out in body armour, camouflage gear and clutching a rifle, the sailor burst into the control room ready for battle.

"The crazed serviceman then opened fire as VIPs visiting the navy’s flagship nuclear submarine watched in horror."

The most complicated thing made by man, the nuclear-powered and I would have to assume nuclear-armed HMS Astute, rendered inoperable by a single sailor armed with an assault rifle [SA-80].

Some big time questions are going to be asked here?

* This sailor was suffering from grave mental disorder of which there was no indicator or sign? An undiagnosed malady?

* How could the sailor outfitted in such a manner with a weapon have gotten on the ship?

* Was the Astute at that moment nuclear equipped with weapons aboard?

NOT so long ago the Astute was the object of derision in the English press. The ship had run aground and had to towed to safety.

NOW this! NOT a good sign. The Astute will begin to develop a "reputation" of not good repute. A hard-luck ship you do not want to be assigned to!


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