Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is coolbert:

9 January 2011. Just a few months away now. Mark that date and mark it well!

The people of the south Sudan on that date will vote in a plebiscite. The vote - - to decide - - whether the south of the country [Sudan] will secede or retain a union of some form with the north of Sudan. One nation or will it become two is the question!

With a risk of resumed hostilities between the two areas of Sudan being a strong possibility!!

"In the plebiscite set for January 9, the oil rich south, where most people are Christians or follow local traditional religions, will determine whether to secede from the Arab and Islamic dominated north."

Right now, according to the peace accord of 2005, the south has a rough form of autonomy. But part of the peace accord as signed was an eventual vote on secession!

And that date is now approaching with rapidity. An apprehensiveness is growing on all sides?

A vote FOR Independence of the south Sudan will result in renewed conflict? This is the fear. A civil war, north against south, Muslim versus Christian, etc.

Oil riches believed to be at stake here? So is the assertion.

The previous conflict in Sudan, called "The Second Sudanese Civil War" - - lasting for over twenty years, resulting in horrific casualties of an apocalyptic nature, almost genocidal in nature.

"The Second Sudanese Civil War started in 1983 [ended in 2005] . . . It took place, for the most part, in southern Sudan and was one of the longest lasting and deadliest wars of the later 20th century."

Millions reputed dead [?] and millions more [?] reputed as well forcible conversions to Islam to avoid destruction!!

"Roughly 1.9 million civilians were killed in southern Sudan, and more than 4 million southerners have been forced to flee their homes at one time or another since the war began. The civilian death toll is one of the highest of any war since World War II."

See this article from the Anglican Journal with details:

"After referendum, Sudan church leaders want protection"

The Christian leadership see the possibilities, the "hand-writing" on the wall, and are preparing for the worst. The despotic and authoritarian government in Khartoum will not let the south go their own way easily?

And the one man who could have been counted upon to keep a cool head under these tense circumstances - - John Garang - - DEAD, having lost his life unfortunately under mysterious circumstance.

Secession of itself should not be thought to be always a bad thing. It all depends on what follows afterwards.

BUT - - when oil riches are at stake, all reasonableness disappears in the proverbial heartbeat. ALL it takes is the thought or the belief that the oil is "out there somewhere" and "emotion clouds reason" - - Michael Corleone.


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