Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is coolbert:

“in Afghanistan (most of the) engagements are long distance,”

Here with an article, American infantry being instructed in the art of long-range rifle shooting. The Appleseed civilian shootist project at work!

This from only this last August, very recent. Troops in preparation [?] for deployment to Afghan, their marksmanship being stressed, techniques and methods for successfully engaging a fleeting enemy at long-range being taught!

American infantry, firing the M-16 .223 caliber rifle, NOT accustomed to firing at long-distances with carefully aimed and accurate shots. That M-16 rifle even not really capable of accurate shooting at such range?

[knock-down and "stopping power" of the .223 round at long-distance also questionable!]

"Most Soldiers learn how to shoot at maximum distances of 300 meters. Soldiers in the four-day course shoot at 400- and 500-meter targets."

“'(This helps) familiarize Soldiers with long-distance shooting,' . . . 'We are engaging targets up to 500 meters with just standard weapons. Nearly all the engagements that occur in Afghanistan are at 500 meters and beyond, so it’s important to be accurate.'”

"To help improve marksmanship, Soldiers learned how to shoot without being supported by any sandbags or rocks, just your weapon’s sling for support. Soldiers also learned how to analyze the shot and how to shoot."

The use of the sling as a "support" an integral element of Appleseed "doctrine" and instruction!

Read it all! Hooray Appleseed and good hunting Tenth Mountain!


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