Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fourteenth Army IV.

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Fourteenth Army - - conclusion.


Please see this previous blog entry first - - then continue.

"The capital city of Burma has been moved [began in 2005?], unexpectedly and without rationale, two hundred miles [320 kilometers] upriver from Rangoon [Yangon]! The ruling junta has done so, with the advice of astrologers, fearing an attack by the U.S. Marines?"

The fear of the ruling Burmese junta, a paranoia verging upon the insane, that a force of U.S. Marines, sailing up the Irrawaddy River from the ocean will depose the military dictators and their cronies is not without reason. There is Second World War precedent for such a military operation!

This movement of the Burmese seat of government is NOT without rationale or is being done for "mysterious motivations"!

I am thinking of Dracula. Operation Dracula to be exact. A simultaneous amphibious and airborne assault upon Rangoon by elements of the British Fourteenth Army. An eminently successful military operation - - the liberation of this most important Burmese city and port facility being accomplished almost without loss of life, the English forces greeted as liberators!

The perception of the junta - - the perceived threat is almost totally unwarranted?

Or am I wrong here? Please recall during the episode with the recent Cyclone Nargis. American warships with humanitarian supplies were standing off-coast from Rangoon, waiting permission to proceed - - a permission NEVER received.

The military men in charge of Burma are desperately worried of any challenge to their rule, and DO SEE foreign intervention as a distinct possibility, intervention occurring in the same manner as did Dracula, over sixty years ago now!

"It is not so much reality that counts as the perception of reality that counts" - - J. Jackson.


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