Friday, October 22, 2010

Royal Navy.

This is coolbert:

Here within a span of two days, the British Royal Navy [RN], much chastened - - feeling the aftermath of a (1) grounding and an (2) announced cutback.

1. NOT a happy day for the once mighty RN.

"Shunt for red October"

"A MAJOR investigation was under way last night into how the Royal Navy's new nuclear submarine got STUCK on rocks."

"HMS Astute was out on sea trials when her rudder got wedged in shallow water - leaving her stranded"

The HMS Astute - - the most advanced and capable submarine in the world [?] - - indeed, the most complicated THING ever made by man, run aground, stranded, as if a beached whale.

Big time egg on the face - - and probably a lot of recriminations to be had by all!

Prior to the HMS Astute, the most complicated thing made by man was the American Space Shuttle, and prior to that, the Iowa class battleships.

Again, thanks to the Sun, go on a tour of the Astute:

"Tour navy's £1.2bn super sub"

"HMS Astute (S119) is the lead ship of her class of nuclear-powered Fleet submarines . . . Astute is one of the most 'advanced submarines in the world'."

NO, the Astute, NOT "one of the most 'advanced submarines in the world'" but THE most advanced sub in the world? Perhaps even more advanced that the USS Virginia class American sub now prowling the waters of the world "somewhere"?

2. Also, this troubling news regarding one of the two remaining British Royal Navy [RN] aircraft carriers, the Ark Royal.

"Ark Royal 'more likely to be sold as scrap'"

"Doomed HMS Ark Royal is more likely to be sold as scrap than as a ship, The News understands."
ONLY one carrier left available to the RN for sea duty. And at least half of the time, that ship will be in port, refitting, casual duty for the sailors, etc.

The one remaining carrier, the Illustrious, also eventually to be on the chopping block, the cost too prohibitive for the RN to keep EVEN ONE aircraft carrier in the inventory?

"The navy's second carrier, HMS Illustrious, is also under threat following the defence review."

Great Britain, ever since the end of World War Two [WW2], slowly but steadily a decreasing influence on the world stage - - militarily - - now a medium-rate power, NOT capable to the same degree, if at all, to project power world-wide? One hundred years ago the RN had the German Navy as the main opponent. Today - - the opponent is?


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