Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is coolbert:

"We have been working on this problem for some time now and we have had some success."

From the Chicago Tribune this last Sunday:

Successful test gives boost to missile defense system

Defense officials hope to stave off cuts in funding

“Washington - - defense Department officials hope the successful test this month of the Pentagon’s missile defense system will build support for the initiative within the incoming Obama administration”

“The test [5 Dec. 08], in which a dummy target was taken out by an interceptor strike over the Pacific Ocean, showed for the first time that various radars and defense systems could be used together.”

“While in flight, the target was tracked by radar systems in Alaska, at sea and at Beale Air Force Base in California. Information from five sensors was integrated, and then sent to the interceptor.”


This sort of stuff has become routine now!!

A success “tempered” - - however!!

“the failure of the dummy target to deploy planned . . . ‘countermeasure’ - - devices designed to try to throw off the interceptor.”

But still a successful intercept. What was once considered to be technologically unfeasible is now a routine event! YES!

In this particular case, this was a ground based interceptor missile launch. Integrating the data from three radars, a total of five sensors, simultaneously, providing early warning [EW], target-acquisition [TA], and fire-control [FC] for the interceptor.

Both a land based and sea based missile interceptor system exist side-by-side? Complement one another? Offer a more flexible, redundant, and responsive capability?

Some devoted readers will remember the last [??] successful test of this nature. Sea-based interceptors destroying errant American satellite prior to reentry! Missile firing cruiser Lake Erie with radar guidance provided by a second missile cruiser!

Critics of course will say - - “you know when the missile is being launched” - - “you know where the missile is being launched from and what the trajectory is going to be in advance” - - “you are prepared and ready” - - etc.

From Suvorov:

"A circus clown the precise trajectory characteristics of a rocket and its launch- time could hit it with an air gun"

I am being too harsh here? What was once thought impossible is now feasible, at least to some extent, with a pretty good chance of working [missile defense]?

Projects such as this are facing the axe? NOT the type of thing the Obama administration will look favorably upon. Just when the once impossible is becoming routine, the decision will be made to scrap the entire program? This will be a contentious issue?

It should be noted that there has been for some time now a LIMITED MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM IN OPERATION! These tests are NOT just for experimentation any more. Provide real-world experience for the missile defenders that already are on stand-by alert!


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