Monday, December 8, 2008

Close Shave.

This is coolbert:

Some devoted readers to the blog will remember this entry from not so long ago now:

"when the base received a visit recently from a commanding officer, the soldier recalls, 'the main thing' he told the soldiers is that they needed to shave more frequently."

"That commander, saying that the 'main thing' is to shave on a regular basis, needs to remember these names":

* J.E.B. Stuart.
* Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.
* R.E. Lee.
* U.S. Grant.

That base, a forward-operating-base [FOB] in Afghan, comes under daily attack by Taliban villains. And the MAIN THING THE TROOPS ARE TOLD IS TO SHAVE MORE FREQUENTLY!!

Here is what I have in mind when I say, "remember these names":

That man on the right - - what is his name - - needs a shave, as does the man on the left!! And again - - the man on the right needs a haircut and pronto too. And why are those two general officers NOT uniformly dressed!!?? And get that right hand out from inside the coat!! NOW!!

Get all those things right, then we will discuss strategy for the coming spring offensive of 1864!!

Grant in particular is the epitome of the quintessential American commander and general officer? The man did not dress and comport himself ostentatiously at all, rather the opposite! Dressed in a manner that was indistinguishable from his brother officers. Did not give much of a hoot for gold braid, shined shoes, haircuts, beards, etc. Had his mind on matters that most mattered - - killing the enemy!!

Can you dig it!!??


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