Monday, December 15, 2008

Sticky Bomb.

This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune this last Sunday:

Here is a blast from the past. ALMOST LITERALLY SO TOO!!


A ‘sticky’ - - and deadly - - trend

A bomb - - attached to adhere magnetically to a motorized vehicle - - are now being used by the villains in Iraq. Reminiscent, to some degree of the World War Two [WW2] anti-tank “sticky bomb”? NOT exactly so, but similar in nature.

Attached to targets - - Small, portable, easy to place and difficult to detect, sticky bombs employ magnets or a gummy adhesive to stick to their targets, usually vehicles”

Choice weapon - - While not a powerful a as typical roadside bomb . . . a sticky bomb can easily destroy a car.”

Echoes of WW2 mines - - The use of such bombs dates to World War 2, when limpet mines were attached the sides of ships.”

More correctly, the sticky bomb from the WW2 era was a special type of anti-tank hand grenade. A grenade of considerable explosive force, allowing a man-a-foot to destroy/disable an armored vehicle of the era.

"an early attempt at an anti-tank grenade. To get the explosive to detonate against the vehicle armour it relied upon an adhesive coating to hold the bomb in place, hence 'Sticky'."

"The sphere [of the sticky bomb] was wrapped by a knitted woollen cover that was coated with a very sticky resin-based adhesive - enough to hold the grenade onto a tank hull."

Some times - - the old ways - - are the best ways!!


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