Monday, December 10, 2018

SS Minden.

This is coolbert:

How many times have we heard this before?

The lost treasure of the Sierra Madre?

In this instance the lost Nazi gold of the SS Minden.

German merchant vessel SS Minden reputed to carrying $130 million USD In gold [current value] from South America to German during the earliest stages of World War Two scuttled and sunk. Gold lost. At least until now.

SS Minden has been found??

From the British tabloids from over a year ago now but still an item worthy of consideration.

1. "British treasure hunters caught hunting for the wreck of a 'Nazi gold ship' sail into a diplomatic row with Iceland"

"A group of British treasure hunters are claimed to have prompted a diplomatic row with Iceland after they were caught searching for a ‘Nazi gold ship’."

2. "Nazi gold hunters held Brit crew caught looking for German WW2 ‘gold ship’ wreck in Atlantic ocean sparks diplomatic row"

"A NAZI 'gold ship' has sparked a diplomatic row after Brit treasure hunters were caught hunting for its wreck in the Atlantic ocean."

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