Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bloch II.

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Once more extracts with my commentary from original articles as seen at the Internet web site topic the Great War.

Ivan Bloch and his pronouncements on Grand Strategy from the perspective of the "financier turned political-economist".

Considerations of a non-military nature that must be taken into account when waging war. The nation-state entity as not being fully and 100 % self-sufficient with regard to resources a severe impediment when waging war.

"Homogeneous, Self-Contained, Self-Sufficing Units"

"In previous wars, each nation had been a homogeneous, self-contained, self-sufficing unit, but that was no longer true by the Great War, Ivan Bloch noted"

Bloch speaking, addressing the British:

"You [English], of course, in England are absolutely dependent upon supplies from over sea[s]. But you are only one degree worse off than Germany in that respect. In 1895, if the Germans had been unable to obtain any wheat except that which was grown in the Fatherland, they would have lacked bread for one hundred and two days out of the three hundred and sixty-five. Every year the interdependence of nations upon each other for the necessaries of life is greater than it ever was before. Germany at present is dependent upon Russia for two and a half months’ supply of wheat in every year."

As pertains to grand strategic considerations of the German prior to commencing unrestricted submarine warfare. See some previous and very old Military Thoughts blog entries:


Germany and Great Britain both during the Great War suffering privation from lack of food, the military and civilian sector neither immune to a lack of sustenance when most vital.


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