Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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Evidence of time travel in the year 1887? Courtesy Friedrich Engels!

Continuing with extracts and my commentary from original articles as seen at the isegoria.net Internet web site topic the Great War.

"Prophets of the Great War"

"Anatoly Karlin cites three prophets of the Great War — a Communist, Friedrich Engels; a Warsaw banker, Ivan Bloch; and a Russian conservative minister, Pyotr Durnovo."

"In 1887, in a preface to a pamphlet, Engels predicts that the next war will be terrible"

"No war is any longer possible for Prussia-Germany except a world war and a world war indeed of an extent and violence hitherto undreamt of. Eight to ten millions of soldiers will massacre one another and in doing so devour the whole of Europe until they have stripped it barer than any swarm of locusts has ever done. The devastation of the Thirty Years’ War compressed into three or four years, and spread over the whole Continent; famine, pestilence, general demoralization both of the armies and of the mass of the people produced by acute distress; hopeless confusion of our artificial machinery in trade, industry and credit, ending in general bankruptcy; collapse of the old states and their traditional state wisdom to such an extent that crowns will roll by dozens on the pavement and there will be no body to pick them up; absolute impossibility of foreseeing how it will all end and who will come out of the struggle as victor; only one result is absolutely certain: general exhaustion and the establishment of the conditions for the ultimate victory of the working class."

Friedrich had it all figured out, didn't he? Amazingly so at least with regard to battlefield casualties. "Crowns will roll" meaning the reigning European kings, queens, emperors deposed in a manner not imaginable prior to 1914. Think Wilhelm, Nicholas, Charles!


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