Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gold & Treasure

This is coolbert:

From that era of the Second World War [WW2] once more the search has begun for hidden gold, stolen and ill-gotten gain looted and as taken from victims of the fascist powers.

1. "Hunt begins for legendary £1billion in Nazi gold"

"An Israeli investigator has begun a hunt for Nazi gold worth an estimated £1 billion which legend says was dumped in a lake near Berlin in the closing days of the Second World War."

Legendary they call it. Probably more than legendary. Gold wedding bands and gold as a by-product of  "economic processing" those persons done in by Nazi atrocity, their gold teeth pulled the metal extracted.

Persons searching for the lost and hidden treasure trove unsuccessful attempts to recover the gold coming up empty.

This particular latest search for looted fascist gold hardly unique and not strictly limited to the European theater!

2. Yamashita's Gold. Gold looted by the Japanese army from all over Southeast Asia and hidden by the Japanese General Yamashita. Allegations never established as fact but widely believed and for almost seventy years searched for, to no avail.

"Yamashita's gold, also referred to as the Yamashita treasure, is the name given to the alleged war loot stolen in Southeast Asia by Japanese forces during World War II and hidden in caves, tunnels and underground complexes in the Philippines . . . Though accounts that the treasure remains hidden in Philippines have lured treasure hunters from around the world for over fifty years, its existence is dismissed by most experts"

3. The lost treasure of the Awa Maru. Japanese hospital ship torpedoed and sunk and long having thought to contained a treasure of unsurpassed value. The stuff of a Hollywood movie but for real, and NOW found to be all a mirage!

"Having delivered her supplies, Awa Maru took on several hundred stranded merchant marine officers, military personnel, diplomats and civilians at Singapore. In addition, there were stories that the ship carried treasure worth approximately US$5 billion—40 metric tons of gold, 12 metric tons of platinum, and 150,000 carats (30 kg) of diamonds and other strategic materials. Less dramatic and more credible sources identify the likely cargo as nickel and rubber."

The Chinese communists making a concerted an long-term effort to recover that treasure believed to remain in the wreckage of the Awa Maru but finding NOTHING!

"After approximately 5 years and $100 million spent on the effort, the search was finally called off. No treasure was found. However, several personal artifacts were returned to Japan."

That American intelligence agency NSA having the solution to the question of the Awa Maru all along!!

 "In the aftermath of the salvage attempt, the NSA [the American National Security Agency] scoured thousands of intercepted communications to determine what exactly happened to the treasure. From the communications, they determined that the treasure was not to be taken back to Japan. It was to be sent from Japan to Singapore where it would then be delivered to Thailand. The gold was successfully delivered and the Awa Maru was reloaded with a cargo of tin and rubber for the return trip to Japan."

And last but not least we have:

4. Rommel's Gold. NOT necessarily suggesting that Erwin Rommel was a thief and pillager. Actually believed to be cases of gold as extorted and stolen by the German SS from Tunisian Jews during WW2. Rommel NOT to blame! This gold indeed has been found and recovered?

"Rommel's sunken gold 'found' by British expert"

"six steel cases said to contain 440lb of gold bullion plus other precious objects pillaged from the Jewish community in Tunisia during the war."

And this all again from that era of WW2. And from other wars that multitude of conflicts throughout the ages we can expect similar historical accounts even many more so! That most famous of all [?] English sailor and raider Sir Francis Drake even BALLASTING his ship with captured treasure to include: "13 chests of pieces of eight, 80 lbs. of pure gold, jewels and plate, 26 ton weight of silver, and sundries unspecified."

"Sundries unspecified" INDEED!


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