Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is coolbert:

"I want a medal, I want a medal, I want a medal, I want a medal. ME TOO!!!"

Thanks to CNN from only today the American DoD has now created and is going to bestow upon those operators of the umanned drone UAV a new medal for distinguished duty and "heroism"?

"'Distinguished Warfare Medal' created for cyber, drone wars"

 "WASHINGTON (AP) — They fight the war from computer consoles and video screens. But the troops that launch the drone strikes and direct the cyberattacks that can kill or disable an enemy may never set foot in the combat zone. Now, defense officials say, their battlefield contributions may be recognized."

"A recognition of the evolving 21st Century warfare, the medal will be considered a bit higher in ranking than the Bronze Star, but is lower than the Silver Star, defense officials said."

"a medal that can be awarded to troops who have a direct impact on combat operations, but do it from afar."

FROM AFAR meaning many thousands of miles from the actual scene of mortal combat, without even the slightest degree of danger to those operators at the controls of a combat drone UAV.

"unlike other combat medals, it does not require the recipient risk his or her life to get it."

Devoted readers to the blog, please note that my military service did NOT include duty in combat arms. In my case self-satisfaction gained not from medals and awards but doing my assignment and doing it well! Ribbons, medals, patches, hash marks, awards, decorations, tabs and badges all secondary and should be!

Those most senior American military commanders today when wearing dress uniform almost a caricature in my opinion these senior officers having the appearance of what used to be associated with your average everyday Latin American military dictator. So many "ribbons, medals, patches, hash marks, awards, decorations, tabs and badges" it is a wonder the guy can even walk being weighed down with so much impedimenta!

Or I am just being envious here or have other persons seen the same as I see?


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val said...

this is infamously known within my circle of friends (we are all infantrymen) as an xbox medal.