Friday, July 6, 2018


This is coolbert:

Do not consider this to be a test!

IDF = Israeli Defense Forces.

From the Russian Internet media outlet Russian Times [RT]:

"IDF uses Gaza as a lab and showroom for new weapons and tech it plans to sell – report"

"Human rights campaigners claim that the Israeli army and defense corporations exploit the deadly Gaza protests to test and advertise hardware like drones, sniper rifles and 'smart' fences."

A listing [probably not confined to] of Israeli weapons systems tested in recent military operations to include:

From 2014: [Operation Protective Edge]

* Hermes 900 Kochav drones.
* Next-generation Hatzav tank shells.
* MPR500 'smart bombs'.

From 2018: [suppression of the Gaza Angels demonstrations]

* Matrice 600. [tear gas drone]
* Phantom 3. [tear gas drone]
* "Shoko Drones".

"Shoko" able to deliver [a] "foul-smelling and very sticky liquid". Phantom 3 apparently a commercially available DJI Chinese product.

* Remington M24 rifle. [and ammunition for same]
* IWI Tavor rifle. [and ammunition for same]
* Gaza border fence.  [Magal Security Systems]

Fence understand as not merely fencing. A complete high-technology barrier system total and complete.



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