Sunday, July 15, 2018

B & W.

This is coolbert:

Blackwater White Company?

"His [Prince] suggestion centres on small teams of armed private contractors, not 'mercenaries', largely composed of former members of Western forces, mentoring Afghan troops – living, training and going into battle with them – supported by aircraft flown by contractors with Afghan co-pilots."

"Exclusive: Blackwater founder's plan to privatize America’s $76bn, 17-year war in Afghanistan"

"In a rare interview, Erik Prince speaks in depth about his pitch to Trump and Pompeo to slash costs by shifting military operations to an international team of 'contractors'"

Erik Prince of the now defunct [?] Blackwater independent military contractor concern.

And ARE mercenaries as that word mercenary generally, commonly, and ordinarily understood. A soldier whose allegiance is to himself, the paycheck, and his immediate compatriots and no one else. You pay me, I fight,. You don't pay me, I don't fight.

Also persons exempt from all protections of the Geneva Convention.

Erik additionally an advocate of the crop-duster like combat warplane. Cheap and effective, available for service now, close-air-support minimal in comparison to modern combat warplanes.

This is a return to the days of the Italian Renaissance and the White Company of John Hawkwood?

The condotierro hired guns [swords mostly], professional soldiers of the era and beholden to the highest bidder.


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