Friday, July 20, 2018


This is coolbert:

From Fox News and the tip from Freeper:

"Todd Starnes: Air Force surrenders to demand to replace Bible with generic 'book of faith' on POW/MIA table"

"The commander of F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming has agreed to replace a Bible on a POW/MIA table with a generic 'book of faith,' according to documents released by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. The MRFF is a militant organization that has fought against Nativity scenes, Bible studies and any outward expressions of the Christian faith on U.S. military installations."

Exhibit at the USS Lexington museum, Corpus Christi, TX. USA. Thanksgiving on the warship and the dining area having a symbolic table and place setting for the missing or downed naval combat aviator. Complete with the Holy Bible. Corpus Christi BTW means Body of Christ. JESUS! I see no harm here.

Extreme cases make for bad law and for bad policy too! My perception. Try to please everybody and you end up pleasing nobody and probably get pushback. Again, I see no harm. The entire legal, moral and ethical code as followed by Western Civilization is based on teachings of the Bible.


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