Friday, June 22, 2018


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In finality an extract without comment from the Strategic Outpost column as seen at the War on the Rocks Internet web site:


By David Barno and Nora Bensahel  JULY 5, 2017

"This is the 50th time that our 'Strategic Outpost' column has appeared at War on the Rocks. When we published our first piece on January 27, 2015, we had no idea how long our column would last or how it would be received. On this notable occasion, we’ve chosen to share some reflections about these past two and a half years for readers who may have joined us along the way."

"As we looked back on our body of work, here are some of our favorite pieces, by category"

* "Most Important"

"All of our columns are important, of course, but some of them stand out to us as particularly special, raising a critical issue or perspective that we hadn’t seen anywhere else."

* "Most Under-Appreciated"

"Some of our articles don’t resonate among our readers as strongly as others."

* "Most Controversial"

"We try not to wade into national politics too often, but it has been difficult to avoid during the past year."

* "Most Impact (That We Know Of)"

"Impact is notoriously hard to gauge, of course, but sometimes there are indirect indicators"

* "Most Fun"

"We love putting together periodic reading lists, because we get to expand our own horizons while helping our readers do the same."

Also and let us not forget: "I blog, therefore I am!!"

For yours truly as well! 


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