Friday, March 6, 2015


This is coolbert:


But it has been and now we all know.

Dissimilar combat training naval style. Have you ever done it ze French way?

"US supercarrier ‘sunk’ by French submarine in wargames"

"WITH a good submarine, a navy can do amazing things. Ask the French. They’ve just managed to 'sink' a nuclear-powered US super carrier — and half its battle group."
. . . .

"But rumours abound of similar significant victories by minor nations against the titanic icons of America’s naval might."

French nuclear attack submarine Saphir able to stalk and destroy [notionally] the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier and half the supporting carrier battle group.

"Notional: 3. abstract, theoretical, or speculative, as reflective thought. 4. not real or actual; ideal or imaginary"
Surface vessels at the mercy of the submersible and presumably also the American nuclear submarine that always [?] accompanies and protects the battle group from under the water.

And again the results of this exercise apparently supposed to have been kept a secret but now this has been inadvertently made public.

Such an exercise at sea and the results surprising [?] not so totally unique so it seems. The Swedish Gotland class submarine [non-nuclear] on repeated [?] occasions also able to "stalk and destroy" an American aircraft carrier battle group [once again notionally] AND DO SO ALMOST IN A LEISURELY MANNER!!

Something amiss here and I am sure the American naval brass taking a long and hard and worried study of the situation.


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