Saturday, March 28, 2015


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Foreigners, expatriates fighting with ISIL we well know about. Entire brigades of such persons actually exist. Indeed, a main feature of ISIL is that appeal to the Islamic umma. The world-wide community of Muslims.

NOW TOO we have the phenomenon of those persons rallying to the anti-ISIL cause. From a variety of nations. Individuals small in number so far, but that final tally growing.

1. "Former Royal Marine Killed Fighting IS in Syria"

"A former Royal Marine who was helping Kurdish forces fight Islamic State militants in Syria has been killed."

"He has been named by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) as Konstandinos Erik Scurfield from Barnsley, South Yorkshire."

"He’s the first Briton to die while fighting against IS in Syria and had served in 45 Commando [Royal Marine Commando]."

Royal Marine Commando troops trained to the highest order of proficiency and ability.

2. "Reports: Team of Ex-British Army Soldiers to Fight IS"

"Eight former British Army soldiers are preparing to travel to Syria to fight alongside Kurdish militias against Islamic State, according to the Evening Standard."

"The former soldiers, a number of whom are believed to have had Special Forces [SAS?] training, are said to be training to fight as a single unit on the front line in northern Syria."

"Images on social media, meanwhile, show members of the group wearing combat fatigues and holding assault rifles."

"The men told the Standard that their group is called IVFOR (International Volunteer Force), and that they have created a sword symbol to represent it."

These British soldiers are SAS? Special Air Service. NOT active duty but part of what is called "The Circuit". Informally still in contact with one another, highly trained and proficient soldiers and perhaps even combat experienced. Highly motivated self-starting individuals with an impressive skill set.

These soldiers do not designate them as MERCENARIES! Are not joining the fight against ISIL for monetary reasons. More idealistic than anything else.


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