Monday, March 9, 2015


This is coolbert:

From the book: "EMBEDDED, A Marine Corps Adviser Inside the Iraqi Army" by Wesley Gray those comments of a Delta force operator on the use of the radio by the modern troop.  That operator who:

"had killed hundreds of people with the radio (either with indirect fire, air support [CAS], or calling in a quick reaction force). He suggested we follow our suit and ensure our communication procedures are tight. Max summarized his advice: 'The radio helps you figure out who is coming to help out in if you are stuck in an ambush, who is calling for fire, who is calling in the MEDEVAC ( medical evacuation) , who is calling EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) teams and so forth. Without proper radio procedures you are fish bait for the insurgents.'"

Radio the PRC-148 personal radio with formidable capability as issued to the troop. Skip-hopping frequency transmitter/receiver with embedded cryptographics. AND IT WORKS!

That highly trained soldiers such as a Delta force operator being proficient at the use of the radio, communications procedures, map reading, determining grid coordinates, using supporting fires, etc.

Back-pack radios of the Vietnam Era such as the PRC-25 often dead-lined from not having an adequate number of 24 volt batteries available. Modern technology such as the PRC-148 a tremendous advancement and a boon to the common soldier.

Use the radio in an effective and judicious manner and it is to your advantage. Use the radio in an ineffective and injudicious manner and it is a liability without end or measure.


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