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"Rise of the Machines"

Within the context of killer war-making robots, drones, and cyber-warfare, this blog entry is germane.

That day of the "killer" machines [drones and robots] that become:

* Sentient [self-aware].
* Autonomous.
* Replicating [3D printing].

And having made the decision to make war against the creator, the human species, and destroy same, for whatever reason [that can be discerned by mankind] initiates conflict without warning as is now the topic of science fiction movies such as the "Terminator" series of films NOT tomorrow but not that far off according to some futurists.


"Our Final Invention: How the Human Race Goes and Gets Itself Killed"

"human researchers may not even know they have created this potent ASI until it is too late to attempt to contain it. An ASI birthed in a supercomputer may choose . . . to hide itself and its capabilities lest the human masters it knows so much about it, attempt to shut it down."

ASI [artificial super intelligence] as defined currently deemed as that most dangerous of threats. We are not there yet and perhaps are a far way off but in historical terms NOT that FAR!

YES indeed. How exactly could the human information technology or compute programmer be able to tell that the various artificial intelligence driven drones and robots have become sentient in the first place? What behavior would have to be watched for and is there consideration given to a monitoring computers and software already in existence?

YES indeed. A computer or computer network that has become sentient practicing concealment does suggest a malevolent intent?

"ASI is unlikely to exterminate us in a bout of Terminator-esque malevolence . . . (But don't rule out a Terminator scenario altogether -- one of the biggest drivers of AI research is the Pentagon's DARPA and they are, quite explicitly, building killer robots"

"future nano-technologies to strip us down at the molecular level, it could shut down our electrical grids and turn the electronic devices we rely on against us"

Destruction and elimination [extermination?] of the human species not from "killer" robots necessarily but rather attack from nano-technology or malware. Cyber-warfare!!

See previous blog entries on the "Skynet" scenario":


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