Saturday, July 7, 2012


This is coolbert:

 Here from the Red Star Kennel web site the full and complete [?] story of the Black Russian terrier.

 The war dog of choice for first the Soviet and now the Russian military.

 The product of Red Star Kennels very selective breeding program.

 [Red Star at one time providing prodigious numbers of guard dogs for the GULAG? This might be so. Dogs chosen and bred for viciousness and needed in enormous numbers during the time of Stalin!]

 The Black Russian terrier a mix of various breeds carefully chosen for specifice traits and characteristics that would make for a good war dog.

 NOT necessarily a KILLER but a war dog able to perform a variety of functions vital to a military effort.

But NOT a vicious killer, that is clear.

 That original Giant schnauzer stud dog Roy mixed with with a rottweiler.

 The final mix of Black Russian terrier resembling the schnauzer, rottweiler, airedale.

 A dog large in size, about 100-120 pounds, a minimum of fifty Kilograms,

NOT a dog easily carried as is the Malinois.

 That Black Russian terrier guard dog, a sentry dog, a mine detecting dog, and perhaps an attack dog able to KILL on command [?].

 Appear to be a shaggy hairy dog that is not suited for hot climates? That is what the appearance is to me.

 A dog definitely requiring:

 * A strong alpha master.

 * Lots of grooming.

 * Lots of exercise.

 [Dogs of all creatures so studied when at a pace, running, the only animal becoming stronger the further and further it runs. Man and horses not able to compete over such a long distance as the dog. Dogs not having sweat glands and panting to dissipate heat but able to pursue a prey as not other animal can!!]

 Puppies now available in the U.S. but I would have to think for persons ONLY that know to handle and care for a dog and are willing to devote a lot of time to the critter.You must dominate this dog and not the other way around.


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