Tuesday, April 27, 2010


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Here with more speculation regarding the sinking of the ROKS Chenonan. NOT necessarily as stated - - James Bond stuff!

From the Chicago Tribune today:

"Sinking of warship remains a mystery"

"Some blame N. Korean 'human torpedoes' for explosion that killed 40"

"SEOUL, South Korea - - The image is chilling: a submersible suicide bomber set loose by North Korea destroys a South Korean warship and kills at least 40 crew members."

"Each day as mystery over the fate of the 1,200 ton patrol boat Cheonan deepens, the speculation takes on what some analysts say is a fantastic, James Bond quality."

"Investigators probing the incident blamed a 'non-contact' external explosion' beneath the warship, rather than a direct hit."

The ROKS Cheonan, having evidently broken into two pieces, cleanly separated, is indicative of a NON-CONTACT explosion?

YES!! Indeed- - a "non-contact" detonated mine or torpedo would be THE PREFERRED METHOD OF ATTACK??!!

From the era of the Second World War, the magnetically fused and activated torpedoes of the time, designed to detonate UNDERNEATH an enemy ship, not detonating by direct contact, was felt to be a MORE DEADLY and effective form of attack.

As was the case with the American torpedo used during the Second World War [WW2], the Mark XIV:

"the Mark 14's design was . . . designed to 'break ships' backs' (fracture their keels) by causing explosions beneath them, where warships had no armor . . . the weapon . . . explode[s] some distance below the ship . . . a huge gas-bubble is produced, and when it reaches the hull, the keel suffers catastrophic failure."

The Cheonan is in two pieces? As a result of having the keel broken in two, the ship suffering "catastrophic failure" as a consequence?


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