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"Pvt. Slovik was given numerous chances to return to 'the front', but chose not to do so. And yet, when he faced death at the firing squad, he did so as a man. So why couldn’t he face death in combat? Very strange indeed." - - Kevin.

"The Example of Private Slovik"

by Benedict B. Kimmelman

"Of the thousands of American soldiers court-martialed for desertion in World War II, Eddie Slovik was the only one put to death. One of the judges who convicted him looks back with regret."

Read the above interesting article by ONE OF THE MEN WHO ACTUALLY SAT IN JUDGEMENT ON EDDIE SLOVIK. Found the man guilty and sentenced him to death!! This article from back in 1987, Kimmelman NOW regretting the conviction and sentence!!

Of particular interest is the letter, in entirety, as written by Eddie, "explaining" his reasons for desertion, admitting his offense, and "threatening" in a matter-of-fact manner further desertion as a possibility!! A threat emphasized with CAPITAL LETTERS!! This letter more than anything else is a surprisingly candid admission of guilt?

“I, Pvt. Eddie D. Slovik, 36896415, confess to the desertion of the United States Army. At the time of my desertion we were in Albuff [Elbeuf] in France. I come to Albuff as a replacement. They were shilling [sic] the town and we were told to dig in for the night. The flowing [sic] morning they were shilling [sic] us again. I was so scared nerves and trembling that at the time the other replacements moved out I couldn’t move. I stayed their in my fox hole till it was quite [sic] and I was able to move. I then walked in town. Not seeing any of our troops so I stayed over night at a French hospital. The next morning I turned myself over to the Canadian Provost Corp. After being with them six weeks I was turned over to American M.R They turned me lose [sic]. 1 told my commanding officer my story. I said that if I had to go out their [sic] again Id run away. He said their [sic] was nothing he could do for me so I ran away again AND ILL RUN AWAY AGAIN IF I HAVE TO GO OUT THEIR [sic].

—Signed PvI. Eddie D. Slovik
A.S.N. 36896415”

There are a couple of problems here? Who shares the sentiments of Kevin? Behaving bravely as Eddie did when facing a firing squad, but not able to face the enemy!! AND EDDIE, CONTRARY TO HIS LETTER - - NEVER DID REACH "THEIR"!! He never did reach the "front" and see action. He never got "their"!!

Benedict Kimmelman makes the point in his article over and over that the "jury" sitting judgement on Eddie consisted ONLY of staff officers. NO line combat officers. Does that make a difference? Kimmelman seems to suggest so! You judge!!


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