Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Force 21.

This is coolbert:

Force 21 from Navrone. NO, Force 21 to the Pacific.

As has been noted by the Internet web site Strategy Page that voyage of the British Royal Navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth unique in that the combat air contingent consisting of American and British aviators.

"Naval Air: Anglo-American Air Wing"

"May 31, 2021: The British Royal Navy and U.S. Marine Corps have undertaken a unique joint operation aboard the new British carrier Queen Elizabeth. This carrier, the first of two, is currently undertaking its first operational cruise. This consists of seven months at sea, carrying out joint exercises with allied navies starting in the Atlantic, then the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Indian Ocean, South China Sea and finally the waters off Japan and South Korea. The joint exercises will involve French and American carriers as well as numerous other ship types from all participating countries."

Read the entire article. A mixed combat aviation wing of American and British pilots serving on the same warship unheard of? Let us hope it will all go well. A learning experience for every one in many ways I am sure.

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