Monday, August 3, 2020


This is  coolbert:

Egyptians in Syria? Egyptians?

Once more that peculiar aspect of the Syrian Civil War the presence of foreign interventionists by the score..

From our good friends at the outstanding Internet web site "South Front" an item of interest.


"On July 31, Arabi 21 shared a voice recording claiming to be of Egyptian troops recently deployed around the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib."

"The news outlet said the recording was provided to it by Maj. Youssef al-Hamoud, a spokesman for the Turkish-backed Syria National Army (SNA). The spokesman claimed that the SNA intercepted calls between Egyptian troops in western Aleppo."

"The 33-second voice recording is supposedly a call between two Egyptian service members in Syria. However, nothing in the recording indicates that those speaking in Egyptian dialect are soldiers or that they are indeed in Syria."

We can reasonably infer [?] this is not so much a reaction of the Egyptian to Turkish intervention in the Syrian Civil War but rather a reaction of the Egyptian to the Turkish intervention in the ongoing Libyan Civil War [more correctly referred to as the Second Libyan Civil War]!

Turkish proxy forces [SNA] being sent to Libya by the Turk? Aid, abet and assist that element of the Second Libyan Civil War as favored by the Turk!


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