Saturday, August 29, 2020


This is coolbert:

The hydra-headed monster! ANSAR = helpers.

From the outstanding Internet web site Strategy Page an item of interest and in consonance with a recent prior blog entry:

"Potential Hot Spots: Mozambique Goes Malignant"

"August 20, 2020: On August 11th several hundred gunmen belonging to the local Islamic terrorist group Ansar al-Sunna seized the northern Mozambique port town of MocĂ­mboa da Praia. This is the third time Ansar al-Sunna has attacked this town. A 2017 attack was repulsed but an attack in March 2020 briefly succeeded. The August attack worked because the army garrison withdrew after several days because the troops had run out of ammunition. The army says it will retake the town but so far that has not happened."

Devoted readers to the blog are encouraged to read the entire article.

Insurgents of the jihadi persuasion their goal in all cases to capture and exercise dominion over a territory. Institute sharia law. Become the boss. As in  Mocimboa da Praia right now.

That population of Mozambique the religious affiliation Islamic a meager 20 %. A concentrated 20 % perhaps? Without question the jihadi where ever found having determination and staying-power.


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