Wednesday, March 4, 2020


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Littoral Combat Ships [LCS] U.S. Navy having been found to be a disappointment, the American military now seeking an alternative vessel. As was the subject of a previous blog entry.

Regarding the deficiencies of the LCS, and also discussing MUST requirements for a replacement warship, see this extract from a Strategy Page Internet web site article.

"Winning: Choosing The LCS Replacement"

"As of early 2020, there were four existing frigate designs under consideration as the new FFG(X). Each proposed design must provide the ability to detect enemy ships over the horizon and attack them. That means carrying a helicopter plus UAVs as well as the new Naval Strike Missile. The frigate must be able to detect submarines with onboard sonar plus a sonar equipped helicopter. There must be 32 VLS (Vertical Launch System) cells for anti-aircraft/submarine/ship or land target missiles. There must be active and passive EW (electronic warfare) equipment. The ship must be able to deal with attacks by swarming (multiple) small boats and the ability to do convoy escort to protect transports from submarine or surface ship attack."

"The frigate does not have to be as fast as the LCS, which had a top speed of 80 kilometers an hour. The frigate needs only to do about 45-55 kilometers an hour."

Thanks to You Tube video a FREMM class frigate in action. FREMM as is being serious consideration by the U.S. Navy as a possible replacement for the LCS warships. Look at the number of computer displays, joysticks, mice, etc. 


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