Tuesday, March 31, 2020


This is coolbert:

"The only news they [submariners] receive is sent by the high command. No matter how serious the situation is, there is nothing a submarine can do about it. And since he cannot do anything, better than he know nothing."

Ignorance is bliss? COVID-19.

"French Navy keeps sub crews in dark about virus"

Often I have thought that in the instance of some overwhelming cataclysmic natural disaster such as a comet, asteroid or meteor shower striking earth among the last human survivors might be the crew [all male] of a nuclear submarine. And maybe totally oblivious to events as having transpired? Where is everyone?

Think too if just one crew member prior to sailing infected with the virus those closed quarters of the submarine mean that little if any remedial action can be taken to suppress the spread of the virus. An entirely sick crew a hazard no one has ever foreseen or prepared for?


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